How can I pass the details that are field-extracted from email triggered incidents to the ServiceNow Integrator?


I have a service with both an e-mail integration as well as the latest ServiceNow integration. What I have set up at the moment is a couple regular expressions for field extraction on inbound e-mail incidents to this service. These fields are listed in the “details” portion of the incident.

The ServiceNow Integration will pick up these incidents; but fail to pass through the details into the Servicenow Description field.

Is there a way to make this work?


You should be able to get the details and other attributes of the original incident using Inbound Field Rules in the app in ServiceNow. This allows you to select the incoming data from PagerDuty and map it to set fields in the ServiceNow incident.


I’ve set an inbound field rule that does a GlideRecord lookup. I want to return a value that I looked up to a lookup field on the incident, but it doesn’t seem to work. Am I only allowed to set String-type fields?



Please can you email with a screenshot of the inbound rule you have set up? That would help us appreciate what you have configured then we will take it from there.